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Ebrahim Norouzi is a Junior Researcher at FIZ Karlsruhe with Prof. Dr. Harald Sack. He holds an MSc degree in Materials Science and Simulation (ICAMS) from Ruhr University of Bochum. After completing his master’s degree, he worked as a scientific researcher at the Materials Informatics group of Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials, IWM. He has solid knowledge of the programming language Python and various data science techniques such as machine learning, statistical analysis and data visualization as well as front-end development, and database management. He acquired a deep understanding of material characterization techniques from his previous work at the Max Planck Institute for Iron research. His research interests include Machine Learning, Semantic Web, and Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science.


From Floppy Disks to 5-Star LOD: FAIR Research Infrastructure for NFDI4Culture
Söhn, L. C.; Bruns, O.; Steller, J. J.; Schrade, T.; Waitelonis, J.; Tietz, T.; Tolksdorf, J.; Posthumus, E.; Fliegl, H.; Norouzi, E.; Sack, H.
2023. PUBLISSO. doi:10.4126/FRL01-006444986VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument